May 24, 2003

He didn’t e-mail during the day.

He didn’t say anything about my e-mail before, during, or after class.

He didn’t say anything about my e-mail when I ran into him in the locker room.

I want to go to Scotland or Italy and become a shepherd or an auto mechanic or something.

The problem is that, no matter how far I run, I will still have to inhabit my own fucking skin.

And that thought is more than I can bear at the moment.

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7 Responses to He didn't e-mail during the

  1. Erin says:

    I am having feeling like a mama cat. I just want to pick you up by the scruff of your neck and carry you to a soft spot and then pin you down and lick your fuzzy fur clean. Or to be less dramatic, you’ve brought out the protectiveness in me.

    I shall use my psychic powers to force him to check his email and respond with gushing positive comments. (Let’s just hope I don’t forget to take that left at Albuquerque).

  2. Anonymous says:

    Well, there are three possibilities:

    1. Either he hasn’t gotten the email. (Perhaps his computer has crashed or he has been too busy.)

    2. He is so desperately smitten that he melted into a puddle of mush upon receiving your email and has yet to resolidify in order to reply.


    3. He is a complete boor who does not have the decency to reply to a perfectly heartfelt, mature, and gracious missive.

    Either way, you are not the one who should be filled with self-loathing and regret.


    PS – I believe this roughly quotes your advice to me when I was in the same situation about 18 months ago!

  3. a broad says:

    Erin, I’ll help ya. We can join forces and either he’ll check his email and respond positively, or his head will explode for no apparent reason. I’m okay with either one.

    Faustus, love, you don’t really want to move to Scotland. Beautiful place but the sheep are very jealous.

    I’m still counting on an August wedding. (June and July are too cliche, besides I’m all booked up.)

  4. Angelo says:

    Honey, he may be a part-time professor, in addition to being a part-time aerobics instructor, but clearly the man, if I may be so frank, has shit for brains.

  5. Anonymous says:

    *hug* I want to say something about how you should focus on other things and let the situation take its course because you are a great guy and plenty of guys would be lucky to have you so why put so much weight behind one guy you hardly know and are idealizing into your dream man… but then it would be easier said than done and you’re mad-passionately in love and who can shake sense into you when you see only what you want to see. I just don’t want to see you get hurt or hurt yourself waiting on this. You’re an amazing guy and getting or not getting this e-mail won’t change that. If you are confident about that, none of this matters and you’ll attract the guy you want this and next time and everything will work out.

  6. greg says:

    Well, I’m sure you’d have sensed some awkwardness or bristliness or something when you saw him if he HAD checked his e-mail and chosen to ignore it. He obviously hasn’t checked his e-mail, or its floating around in cyberspace somewhere… or it got inadvertantly deleted. At any rate, that kind of begs the question, Faustus, why not just ask him out after class sometime?

  7. jose says:

    maybe he hasn’t checked his mail yet.. or maybe he just doesn’t know what to say.. well don’t worry about it. i know easier said than done, but things will work out.. remember to think positive, it helps. 😉 good luck!


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