April 12, 2003

Today, the gay cheerleading squad cheered for the New York Sharks, one of 21 teams in the Independent Women’s Football League. They were playing the Montréal Blitz.

This meant that you had a bunch of fags jumping up and down waving pom-poms and a bunch of dykes in football helmets tackling each other. Plus, none of the fags had any idea what was going on in the game, so every once in a while we would start cheering “D-D-D-Defense,” for example, and then have to stop and figure out if the Sharks were actually playing defense or offense at the moment. Eventually we gave up trying to figure the game out and just jumped up and down and looked pretty and got ice cream from the ice cream truck.

And the Sharks won.

Go Sharks go!

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4 Responses to Today, the gay cheerleading squad

  1. Jon says:

    I’m sure the winning was mostly due to your cheering! Congrats!

  2. angelo says:

    Oh, dear.

    I would have loved to hear John Madden’s commentary on this one.

  3. nicole says:

    pom-poms: $25
    helmets: $100
    the image you’ve given me: priceless

  4. I’ve seen it…not the women playing football althogh I did teach one lesbian how to tackle at the Gay Business Expo…


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