April 15, 2003

N.B.: This is today’s second post of two, sort of. For the full explanation, see the previous post. Oy.

Today, I had the following exchange with my friend L.N.:

Me: “Have you always doubted yourself as much as you do now?”


L.N.: “I don’t know.”

It was the funniest thing I experienced all day, even funnier than the moment in the reading of the musical I went to in which someone read the newspaper headline, “Entomologist of the Year Names Killer Bug After Best Friend.”

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3 Responses to N.B.: This is today's second

  1. Mr.D. says:

    How about a competition for accidentally humorous one-liners?

    #1 – Sometimes even ironing gets a bad press.

    P.S. – sincerely hope you weren’t offended by being the “inner winner” of the ‘girl’s name in a song’ competition. I simply sought to send you scurrying to the dictionary for your entry’s description..

  2. Alas, Mr. D., I remembered enough Greek from college to figure it out, so the dictionary remained shut.

    But I was immensely flattered to have won.

  3. Julian says:

    Hey you. No wonder you never have time to email me no more – you are always updating your thoughts onto this crazy online diary page. Are blogspots taking off bigtime or summat? I think I must be very out of date…

    Listen, I hope you are taking care of Ms Rose in her hour of need – I told her she needs her homo hero close at hand in order to mop up the tears. Ithink you guys have dinner planned…

    Anyway, I am off to Istanbul for the Easter weekend despite the fact that the weather bodes to be much hotter more clement in London for the entire time (and the forecast for Turkey is rain…). But nevertheless, there will be hugely edifying trips to ancient byzantine monuments and ottoman palaces – who needs sunshine, goddamnit!??

    Take care of yrself Mr Faustus (is that the devil in you, or what?), lots of love from yr ol’ pal Julian xxx


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