April 15, 2003

N.B.: This is today’s first post of two, sort of. But not really. Because I accidentally deleted yesterday’s post, and so I’m posting it again today. But I’m also about to make a real post, a new and exciting one rather than one I’ve had to recycle because of my own incompetence.

I used to think that Spider Man Has Made You Gay was the strangest and gayest thing I’d ever seen on the web; in fact, I wrote a post about it.

But that was before I discovered this.

As with Spider Man, you have to have the sound on to get the full effect; and, as with Spider Man, though this isn’t exactly work-unsafe, your coworkers will definitely think something strange is going on.

And they’ll be right.

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One Response to N.B.: This is today's first

  1. Charlan says:

    The ironic thing is that the cantonese in that song has nothing at all to do with skeletons at all.

    I’m not sure which is gayer though, that.. or *this*




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