April 8, 2003

My father is coming to my show tonight. He is a brave man, but I’m not sure even his monumental courage will be up to the challenge of hearing me sing about going down on Ricky Martin.

Thank God I at least cut the song about rimming.

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6 Responses to My father is coming to

  1. michelle says:


    break a leg.

  2. Pere Ubu says:

    I saw the show tonight– and it was incredible. All you readers of Faustus’s blog– for the love of all that is unholy, come out next Tuesday and show this artist some love!

  3. Thanks for the plug, Father Ubu. I’m glad you liked it. Actually, it’s not next Tuesday but the Tuesday after–the 22nd.

  4. Convivia says:

    Oo, I’m going to come on April 22. If it’s good enough for UBU, it’s good enough for me.

  5. memory says:

    hey bro, do tell us how it went with your father in the audience! we’d all love to hear about it *grins* oh and apologies for not being able to make it for your show – unless you’re able to sponsor an air ticket for me to fly out from chicago *laughs* cheerzzzzzzzzzzz

  6. Jon says:

    I wish I could come. But I spent too much money on some show that’s supposed to be awful. About some curly haired woman, who convinces her daughter to take her clothes off for money, then sings songs about it. And someone does something lewd with a trumpet. Oy.


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