April 10, 2003

Last night, I saw A Year With Frog and Toad. Not only did I have a great time at the show, but I also now have a new theme song for my life:

Eating cookies, eating cookies,
I’m so happy eating cookies.
Cookies, cookies, cookies I adore.
Cookies, cookies, cookies, cookies,
I go kooky eating cookies.
Cookies, cookies, cookies—let’s have more!

Because, let’s face it, is there any problem so bad that a batch of really good homemade chocolate chip cookies can’t fix it?

And I make some damn good homemade chocolate chip cookies.

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7 Responses to Last night, I saw A

  1. Ah the visions running through my head right now Mr. Faustus

  2. michelle says:

    um, have you been hanging out with goblin?

  3. D.R. says:

    Goblin is not allowed to eat cookies.


  4. angelo says:

    Maybe it’s just me, but I happen to like the song a whole lot better when you substitute “asshole” for “cookies”.

    Or would that be assholes?

  5. lia says:

    Am I crazy because my main reason for wanting to see Frog and Toad is that Mark “Cousin Larry Appleton” Linn Baker is in it? I loved Perfect Strangers as a kid, up until they jumped the shark by getting married.

  6. Akasha says:

    Yay for cookies.. cookies ROCK! Mmm.. cooooookies (*Homer J. Simpson style*)

  7. danee says:

    i am pretty sure that cookies, no matter how good, will not solve angelo’s “orange” problem.


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