April 5, 2003

I’m terrified that I’m losing my edge.

As I begin to feel better about myself and my life, I’m finding it more difficult to be amusingly caustic and bitter on this blog. Sure, I still post little barbs of misery, but somehow my heart just hasn’t been in them lately. And since reading posts about my fabulous new haircut or how I actually spent three hours without worrying would cause any reasonably normal person to expire of boredom, I’m at something of a loss. I mean, I could start writing such posts and become so dull that my readership would disappear utterly, which would send me in turn into a spiral of depression and despair, which would put me in a position to start being funny and interesting again, but somehow I imagine there’s got to be a better solution than that.

Though, of course, I’ll have my fabulous new haircut to console me, so maybe I should give it a shot.

Confidential to Amanda: Thank you both for your comment and for the delicacy with which you proffered it. I have rectified the situation. I deleted the comment so as not to leave any evidence behind, but know that I appreciated it.

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4 Responses to I'm terrified that I'm losing

  1. D.R. says:

    If anyone finds the new and improved Faustus dull, he or she is welcome to visit MY blog, which promises to be as trenchant as ever.

    And link to it.

    And obey its every command.

  2. angelo says:

    Honey, you couldn’t be dull even if you tried.

  3. Sidian says:

    Bitter and caustic can get old and dull too sometimes (hello, this is New York, afterall!). I say: say what you need to say. If it comes from you, I am certain it will be interesting and witty.

  4. marquito says:

    Legions of readers can attest to lives lived vicariously through you–doting on your every word and caring about you in a way that defies your supposed causticity. I write from the darkness of anonymity to say that for the few moments I glance at your web log entries my life lights up and for that alone you shine more brilliantly than you can imagine; you will never be dull.


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