April 16, 2003

Everyone must visit the web site of the First Viennese Vegetable Orchestra at once.

I just ordered their CD and will be unable to concentrate on anything until it arrives.

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4 Responses to Everyone must visit the web

  1. Adam807 says:

    Did you actually listen to the sample tracks on the website? ‘Cause as much as I admire the ingnuity and artistry here, I would think you’d be unable to concentrate on anything AFTER the CD arrives. Ouch.

  2. It was after listening to the sample tracks that I ordered the CD. I’m hoping it comes with soup.

  3. Stephanie says:

    I was rather amused by the description of how they make and use their instruments. I can’t precisely tell if I admire their artistry, or if I’m just frightened — things that one doesn’t necessarily automatically think one can do with a zucchini . . .

  4. sam says:

    The tracks make it sound like the vegetables are crying out for mercy. Stop the vegetable cruelty!


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