March 9, 2003

When my ex N.T. and I first became exes a year and a half ago, we lived together for a month or so before he moved out. Since he had no real job, I’d been supporting him for a year and a half; when we broke up, we split the bank account in half. He couldn’t completely cover his expenses for the rest of the month, so I lent him somewhere between three and four hundred dollars and told him to pay me back when he could, which I assumed would be never.

However, in the intervening time he has communicated on several occasions his desire to pay me back and his intention of doing so as soon as he’s able, which I have assumed would be never.

Imagine my surprise last week when a check came in the mail for the full amount of what he owed me. I was pleased and proud of him in an I-still-hate-your-guts-but-maybe-you’ll-amount-to-something-in-this-life-after-all kind of way. I whistled a happy tune and deposited the check.

It bounced.

Is there such a thing as karmic overdraft protection?

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10 Responses to When my ex N.T. and

  1. Todd says:

    Why would he have sent you a check that would bounce once you tried to cash it?

    I had a friend who once borrowed $50 from me, promising to pay it back. That $50 went to the same place that the $300 + yours did – the land of good intentions. And no, there is no karmic overdraft protection. He’s morally (and most likely literally) bankrupt.

  2. Jon says:

    At least you’re back to your bitter, rancorous self, so that we can sleep knowing (almost) all is right with the world again.

  3. elisabeth says:

    Bouncing a cheque is way worse than owing money. There’s no way that you wouldn’t know that a $400 cheque would bounce, so why send it? It is just plain strange.

    As Chief Wiggum said, “Don’t write cheques your butt can’t cash!”

  4. RM says:

    The other good news is that his bank probably charged him some enormous fee for bouncing the check, so you can feel another flash of glee at that.

  5. Choire says:

    Holy shit. That’s insane. HA HA. Don’t you wonder how we ever went out with those people? Aren’t you scared you’re going to do it again? They SEEM like normal people but they’re just not.

  6. Greg says:

    Oh, no! That’s awesome, and really awful all at once. So the real question is, if he sends you another one… what are you gonna do?

  7. he should be tied up and forced to watch episodes of nypd blue that feature dennis franz’ naked ass

  8. random passer-by says:

    Or perhaps he actually had the money, until something went wrong. This has happened to me before, sending a check and then having to pay a fee I couldn’t have imagined at the time, causing the check to bounce. It’s funny when it happens, and by funny I mean funny in a sort of “I wish a meteor would hit me” way.

  9. Ananda says:

    at least he had sweet intentions. or else, he was just trying to fuck with your head one last time, in which case, don’t worry, there may not be karmic overdraft protection but there is definitely still karma. keep the faith.

  10. Anonymous reader says:

    This happened to me too. I never got the money back, not even a bounced check.


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