March 8, 2003

Tonight I saw Little Fish, an off-Broadway musical starring (among others) Lea DeLaria.

Then I went with the gay cheerleaders to Henrietta Hudson’s, a lesbian bar in the west village, for Spirit Night.

God, I love lesbians.

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4 Responses to Tonight I saw Little Fish,

  1. Tin Man says:

    At least some musicals are still functioning.

    I thought you were going to be bitter and rancorous today? (See previous entry.) More rancor. We want rancor!

  2. Jon says:

    Amen. Where was the bitter rancor? Lesbians are like, never bitter or rancorous. Except when they break up…

  3. I apologize for the lack of rancor. I got home really late and didn’t have time to shape my bitterness into anything amusing enough to post.

    What if I’m losing my touch?

  4. adam807 says:

    It’s probably not kosher to plug here (though Faustus does it, so…), but if you like musicals and lesbians, may I suggest Zanna, Don’t!, which is set at a high school which features, among other things, a girls’ intramural mechanical bull riding team. Like Little Fish, we’re off-Broadway and our fabulous band is unaffected by the strike.

    We now return you to our regularly-scheduled rancor and bitterness.


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