March 2, 2003

Okay, you’re having sex and you’re about to have an orgasm, and you (very considerately) want to let your partner know, so that he can either join you in the experience or ask you to wait if he needs a little time to catch up (or, if you’re beyond restraint, make sure you don’t stain his sheets). So you say, “I’m coming!”

Why do you sound so surprised?

What, you weren’t expecting this?

What is it about the experience of orgasm that makes us tell each other about it not only as if we had never done it before and were shocked and thrilled to find ourselves capable of it, but as if in fact no one had ever done it before and we were shocked and thrilled to find anyone capable of it, much less ourselves, and secretly proud that we were the first?

Do girls do this too?

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11 Responses to Okay, you're having sex and

  1. Jen says:

    The sure do.

  2. hayneyz says:

    Most definitely!

  3. angelo says:

    Orgasm? What?

  4. greg says:

    Orgasm? What’s an orgasm??? Oh yeah, I guess I do have a vague memory of that.

    Ya know what always irritated me was when someone would cum and I didn’t even realize it. Who cums discretely? Orgasms, as I recall, are meant to be noticeable… and if you’re subtle, then I definitely think you owe it to the guy you’re with to announce it. 🙂

  5. bob says:

    if for nothing but safety’s sake, shout it out!!

  6. garoo says:

    I don’t think I sound like I’m surprised when I say it. I say it more like I’m apologizing 🙂

    Uh… which… uh… I mean… don’t jump to conclusions there. And I’m more often the one saying “not yet, can you hold it please”, yeah, I am, always, I mean, I’ve never even said “I’m coming” in my life and I think I really picked the wrong time to start posting comments here anyway.

  7. Dana says:

    It is always like the first time – explosively fantastically juicy and mindblowing – and so, yes, girls (at least this one) definitely do that too.

  8. Convivia says:

    Some people do, some people don’t.

    I think that’s all I want to say here.

  9. paz says:

    yes. girls do it…and i agree with greg about unnoticeable orgasms. it really weirds me out when i can’t tell whether my boyfriend has come or not.


  10. nicole says:

    yah, girlies do it too.
    but we sound less surprised & more instructive (as in ‘don’t stop whatever you’re doing for one second, mister’). but i agree, you guys always sound surprised.

  11. galiwaw says:

    girls do this too.
    the surprise comes from the fact that most men are inept and the one you’re with right now is able to make you roll your eyes and curl your toes and shout to the heavens above.


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