March 30, 2003

Faustus is still out of it. More ramblings from David about Dreamcatcher, with its vaginas dentatae. What is it with straight men and the fear of emasculation? Here we have worms from outer space, shaped like the female sexual organ with wicked fangs, biting off men’s genitalia, penetrating their rectums, causing men to become “pregnant” with alien life forms. Then the army flies in and tries to blow up the aliens with neato helicopters. The movie is a festival of gynophobia and homophobia, with masculine soldiers there to save the day and validate our concept of manhood. It could not have been timed better, considering current events. I beat my head against the walls, trying to figure out the “thinking” of the Bush Administration, to separate the outright lies from mere twisted truths about why they felt it necessary to begin World War Three at this point in time. But maybe it all comes down to straight men lashing out because someone came and knocked down their big phallic buildings.

Perhaps if the Saudi terrorists had targeted the Jefferson Memorial instead, we would not be in this mess.

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4 Responses to Faustus is still out of

  1. Tora Bora says:

    The Bush administration are committing atrocious acts in Iraq.

    Bombs for ‘liberation’

  2. paz says:

    been trying to figure out the thinking as well. simply went round and round in circles until dizziness set in.

  3. Buni says:

    In answer to your question about why there is this crisis going on in Iraq, I found the website to a programme that was on TV the other night here in the UK (the link is above).

    The show centred on the the world’s declining stocks of oil and how the ‘Hawks’ of Washington are all part of the ‘Oil Club’ that has basically used the WTC tragedy as an excuse to get into Iraq and put someone more favourable in their that will assure a steady supply of oil, especially to the US.

    It caused quite a stir when it was aired, the critics lapped it up.

  4. Buni says:

    Sorry, the link is not above. Try using the Homepage link instead.


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