February 7, 2003

Tonight I have my first date with one of my Hurry Date matches. (The end result of the Hurry Date was fairly anticlimactic: out of perhaps ten or fifteen people I circled “Y” for, three also circled “Y” for me. These did not include, alas, the publicist for All My Children.

Surprisingly enough, they did include the guy to whom I made a confession of murder; I’m seeing him tonight. I suspected in the dim bar lighting that he might be a septuagenarian, but I wasn’t sure so I gave him the benefit of the doubt. One of the two others responded to my post-match e-mail but not to any subsequent e-mails, and the other didn’t even respond to my post-match e-mail, which was okay because I had absolutely no recollection of him anyway.

Not the most fruitful endeavor I’ve ever undertaken.

Maybe I should confess to murder more often.

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One Response to Tonight I have my first

  1. sean says:

    Maybe you should simply commit murder more often.

    (Just a thought…)


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