February 21, 2003

Tonight I am leaving for the weekend to go on a ski trip with the gay cheerleading squad. I have not been skiing in over twenty years, and I was terrible at it even then. Apparently, though, everybody else on the squad is in more or less the same position, which makes me feel better.

Picture it: a bunch of fags screaming in terror as they stumble down the bunny slope.

In my absence, this man and his dog will be guest blogging for me.

I’ll return Monday. I hope my limbs will be intact. I’m certain my dignity won’t.

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6 Responses to Tonight I am leaving for

  1. Akasha says:

    Have fun! 😀

  2. Convivia says:

    “Ski trip with the gay cheerleading squad” sounds like a great premise for a porn movie.

  3. michelle says:

    woohoo – all goblin all the time

    hope you have a nice trip.

  4. sam says:

    Whatever happened to your last guest blogger? Or has he disappeared into the underworld of after-parties?

  5. BENDER!! says:

    Where in the Poconos did you go? (Don’t say Shawnee!)

  6. Faustus, MD says:



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