February 3, 2003

Today, after gymnastics class, I was on the crosstown bus and a lady with a cane got on. I got up to give her room to sit down, which she did, after which she thanked me for my kindness. Several times. Then she started talking about how she had found her calling and she was going to become an Orthodox nun. This was different from a Roman Catholic nun, she explained; the Catholic Church was not the true church, having been created by the Bishop of Rome in the 11th century as a means to seize power. She kept on Jesusing at me until my stop came.

And the flabbergasting thing is that I didn’t mind at all.

Usually I can barely keep from flying into a rage at the sight of people merely reading the Bible on public transportation. But I kind of enjoyed listening to her.

“Thanks for letting me talk to you,” she said as I got off. “And say a prayer for me, for my legs.”

And I did.

What is going on?

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3 Responses to Today, after gymnastics class, I

  1. milksop says:

    At last! You HAVE found your soul mate! I met mine in a much similar way. Oh, except, you know, it was a leather bar, and he’s a he.

  2. Jon says:

    The other option is that George W. Bush has used his evil mind-control ray gun on you…

  3. Sidian says:

    Ahhhh, our little Faustie is growing up.


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