February 9, 2003

Those of you who live in New York City should make every effort to attend the following show:

Reasons you should attend:

1. He is a brilliant songwriter.
2. The centerpiece of the show is a shriekingly funny mini-musical about the disintegration of my relationship with my ex-boyfriend, called Poodle Rescue.
3. I will be in attendance at every performance, so you’ll get the chance to see me, even if you don’t know it’s me.

In other news, last night I made out with an extraordinarily cute movie and TV actor. He lives in Los Angeles, so there is no real soul-mate potential here. But this is the first time I’ve ever made out with a movie star, unless you count the time I had sex with the guy who appeared in his own documentary about Jesse Helms, which I don’t.

And besides, the guy from last night is much cuter.

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3 Responses to Those of you who live

  1. farid says:

    hey…good to see you’re blogging again.

  2. Jeff says:

    Happy bloggaversary!

  3. Convivia says:

    Gorgeous logo for the show. Tell Rob to break a…whatever it is that composers break.




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