February 4, 2003

Recently the coach of the cheerleading squad sent us an e-mail listing squad members’ positions (flyer, base, mid base flyer). I sent out a response to the squad asking if it wouldn’t make more sense to list top, bottom, and versatile. (This was obviously a joke, since with one possible exception everybody on the squad is clearly a bottom.) I got a couple “Grrrrl, you are so funny!” e-mails from squad members. Then the coach sent me an e-mail saying, “LOL, but in all seriousness, team members are discouraged from sleeping with each other, because it can create some very messy situations.”

I was like, oh, you spend half an hour at the tryouts talking about the importance of being on time to practice but you wait until NOW to tell us THIS?

I guess it makes sense, though.

Because why else did anybody go out for the squad? If he’d said at the tryouts that we weren’t allowed to sleep with each other, we would all have gotten up and left then and there.

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2 Responses to Recently the coach of the

  1. LEE says:

    Ok, so you can’t sleep with the other squad members. Is there a quaterback in a jockstrap nearby?

  2. Jere says:

    How very high school of that coach. I say that anything that happens between consenting adults is none of his or anyone else’s business.


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