February 18, 2003

Last night, for the first time in my life, I was stood up by a date.

Drip Café had set me up with the zany guy who responded to my profile; we were scheduled to meet there at 8:00. At 8:40, by which time he still hadn’t arrived, the Drip people called him at home.

Where he was.

It’s not clear to me whether he thought Drip was closed because of the blizzard, or just assumed I wouldn’t get through the snow, or what. Writing “theatre” instead of “theater” is one thing; not calling to let anybody know he wasn’t going to make it, however, is a far more serious offense. But the Drip woman on the phone with him told me several times that he felt really bad and that he said he would make it up to me. (She also told him, when I came up to the counter once they’d gotten him on the phone, that I was really cute, too, and he’d have to make it up to me big time. So I owe her one.)

Luckily, my friends B.N. and D.R. were already there, having come to Drip to spy surreptitiously on my date, so I just went over and sat down with them and vented and had an Oreo milkshake.

I’m willing to cut him a tiny bit of slack because of the blizzard. We’ve rescheduled for next week. But he damn well better bring chocolate and flowers.

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9 Responses to Last night, for the first

  1. josh says:

    now. I’ve never stood anyone up for a date ever. and I bet I’m oodles cuter than this Drip boy. but all I get is one phone call??! and then you hang up two seconds later??! deplorable. deplorable.

  2. Jeff says:

    Sad to say, yes, I’ve been stood up on more than one occasion. (Most horrifying is that once, I was stood up by a woman. Yes, really. And it wasn’t even a date–obviously. Some friend she was.) In any case, unless Mr. Zany drops to his knees and begs to orally pleasure you upon your first meeting, your only option will be to strike him down.

  3. Buni says:

    I understand the deal with the blizzard, there is nothing you can do about freaks of nature, so I guess an extra couple of minutes wouldn’t hurt.

    However, I have learned to give everyone 15 minutes, whatever freak of nature they care to be.

  4. Choire says:

    He better do you right.

  5. Akasha says:

    I agree with Jeff. He better hand out them BJs freely for what he did.

  6. Yeah but if he gave you chocolates it would give you a fat ass…

  7. Ed Shepp says:

    First of all, it happens to us all.
    Secondly, I finally realized what Drip is.
    Thirdly, what’s this with the ‘he better offer the Bjs….’ I don’t know any gay man who needs any convincing to suck cock, myself included. Which brings me to a larger point: Most gay men I know, myself included, prefer giving head to getting it. Does any gay man out there prefer getting head? For example, peep at craigslist.com on the m2m personals: there are TONS of listings of people who want to ‘give a BJ,’ no questions asked, no reciprocation necessary. Anyway, I’ve rambled on, but I guess my point was that allowing him to ‘drop to his knees’ would be more of a reward than a punishment. But if you make him toss your salad, on the other hand….

    Is it hot in here?

  8. Akasha says:

    AHhh.. yes, tossing salad would make me, er Fautus happy. 😉

  9. Convivia says:

    It was a pretty huge blizzard, after all. Still, he shoulda called.


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