February 22, 2003

Faustus and I went to the gym together two mornings this past week. I would say that we worked out together, but we did not: I use the free weights, and he is afraid of the free weights. But we did end up across from each other on elliptical trainers, where we made eye contact a few times.

We have studiously avoided seeing each other naked in the locker room.

Last night, before he left on his ski trip, we went together to the Apple Store in SoHo. (Readers of my own blog know that I consider the Apple Store a shining mecca of truth, beauty, and sensibility, and god knows the world can use more of that.) We then went someplace called the Café Borgia II, where I paid almost ten dollars for a tea bag and a slice of dry apple pie, and Faustus had a hot lemonade, which he claims tasted worse than Thera-Flu, even after he dumped a ton of sugar into it. I informed him that refined sugar is a poison, but he pointed out that someplace called “Borgia” is an appropriate setting for being poisoned. The café was so ugly on the inside (its décor had probably not changed since it was established in 1975) that we spent part of the time discussing how Hildi would improve it.

Then I came home and watched “Battlestar Galactica.”

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6 Responses to Faustus and I went to

  1. Phil says:

    Has anyone ever broken the processed sugar addiction?

  2. PatCH says:

    The SoHo Apple Store is indeed a shining mecca of truth, beauty, and sensibility. I went there for the first time today, and I can attest to that.

  3. D.R. says:

    Did you go because I mentioned it? Please say yes, so I can feel relevant.

  4. Adam807 says:

    I just feel that I should point out that your apple pie undoubtedly contained refined sugar. But c’mon, what’s life without apple pie?

  5. PatCH says:

    Actually, DR, I went there because I was trying to convert a PC user over to The Truth. And plus it was raining, and well, I have to admit, the store was dry.

  6. marquito says:

    Apple worshippers and creative mac/Apple people alike, cover your eyes because you won’t like what you’re about to see:

    What is so truthful and sensible about the Apple Store? What’s wrong with PCs? LOL!


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