January 10, 2003

Okay, next time I agree to go on a date with a Republican, will somebody please SHOOT ME?

I would have done it myself this evening, only I didn’t have a gun. As it was, I was within seconds of stabbing myself in the jugular with my fork or attempting to choke on my chicken biryani just to put myself out of my misery.

And, for the record, the correct pronunciation is ELL-ee vee-ZELL, though wee-ZELL is also acceptable.

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3 Responses to Okay, next time I agree

  1. Jon says:

    What did he do, call him e-LIE why-ZELL?

    I’m with you on the Republican thing… I know that the no-tell ho-tel where I work will be swarming with them during that damn Convention they think they should have here…

  2. elisabeth says:

    Once, when I was in Barbados, my friend and I had to take a republican senator’s son out to a club. He was 28 and begged us not to tell his mother he’d been drinking. I also remember him leering at us and sayin “I’m having impure thoughts about y’all…” Yuck!

  3. angelo says:

    Clearly the lesson to be learned here is to stop dating anyone who (a) is not named Angelo, (b) living in Berkeley, and (c) unaware of obscure Gertrude Stein chamber operas.

    Some, it seems, just have to learn the hard way.


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