January 31, 2003

N.B.: This is today’s first post of two. I posted last night in praise of a good friend of mine but have deleted the post because I realized that she would be uncomfortable with being discussed online in this context, even anonymously. The 45 people that sitemeter says had already visited my site by the time I removed the post are sworn to secrecy.

Remember that e-mail forward list of Children’s Books You’ll Never See? It had things like The Day Katy Was So Bad her Mommy Stopped Loving Her and Daddy Drinks Because You Cry. I contributed a couple when I forwarded it on to others, namely (if memory serves) You’re the Reason Mommy Left and You’re Different and That’s Bad.

For those of you who enjoy such things, go here for nine pages of children’s book covers twisted and warped by Photoshop evil geniuses. Here is my personal favorite:

If only I’d had books like this in my childhood, I might be neurotic and obsessive instead of the healthy, well-adjusted man I am today.

Oh, wait.

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