January 29, 2003

He does like me.

He e-mailed me today and said he was sorry for taking so long to respond, but he was in first-week-of-school mode. I would have a harder time forgiving him if I didn’t suspect that he was secretly a spy and had spent the last two days on a top-secret mission to shore up the government of a politically unstable Third World nation.

We’re going out this weekend. Unless he has to topple a dictator somewhere.

In other news, I left my wallet in Starbucks this morning, packed with money I’d intended to use to squire my Czech houseguests around New York. By the time I realized where I’d left it, I’d already cancelled all my credit and bank cards and the money had of course all been taken.

Clearly the lesson is that I should stay away from Starbucks.

Not like I didn’t already know that.

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5 Responses to He does like me. He

  1. marquito says:

    Sorry to hear about your wallet, Faustus. I’ve had two experiences where I lost mine and cancelling credit cards is a nightmare.

    I’m also going through the f.w.o.s. mode, so I thought you were talking about me for a second. But, alas, you’re not. 🙁


  2. Convivia says:


    The only upside is that now you can get a new driver’s license with a really cute picture on it.

  3. Convivia says:

    Oh, no, wait. See, this is what happens when I don’t have enough Diet Coke in the morning. You still have your old driver’s license, right? You just have to get new everything else (including money).

    At least you still have your wallet.

  4. snarky says:

    ooh. take him to see my future husband Mr. Farrells new spy movie this weekend..if he scoffs at all spy scenes, then you know for certain he is in fact a top-secret spy and that any lags in communication can easily be accounted for! You’ll no longer need to concern yourself with concerns that he died, that he’s psychologically healthy or such…you’ll just know he’s out saving the world!

  5. marquito says:

    Convivia, if starbucks is the devil, I’m going to hell. They make some kick ass frappucinos there. xoxoxo


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