December 2, 2002

Tonight is the clinic for the cheerleading tryouts next week. My friend D.R. is accompanying me for moral support. I have spent all day worrying about what to wear.

I wish there were an “i” in my name so that I could start dotting it with a heart.

With any luck, I’ll make the team and then become instantly popular and start being really mean and bitchy to all the unpopular kids.

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3 Responses to Tonight is the clinic for

  1. marquito says:

    Weren’t you already? lol ;P

  2. Honey, I’m mean and bitchy to everyone regardless of whether they are popular, unpopular, or non human life forms…just be wary of what I told you….and break a leg…

  3. Akasha says:

    Good luck!

    Oh yeah, you can just put hearts before and after your name.. no need for an ‘i’


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