December 13, 2002

Today someone found my blog by doing a google search for “my first orgy.”

Is this some kind of Fisher Price toy for really precocious homosexual children?

I can just see the commercials now:

DAD (returning from work): “Hey, hon, where’s Christopher?”

MOM (wiping hands on apron): “Oh, he just can’t get enough of that My First Orgy!”

CHRISTOPHER (from behind closed door): “Let me see if I can get them both in at the same time! Mphblphmphblphmph.”

DAD: “Do you think he’ll ever let me play with it?”

(MOM rolls her eyes and smiles at DAD, who grins sheepishly back.)

CHRISTOPHER: “I promise it won’t hurt.”

(MOM and DAD burst into peals of laughter. MUSIC. FADE OUT.)

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3 Responses to Today someone found my blog

  1. JW says:

    Extraordinarily funny! I approve.

    – PS – fulfilled my promise to help a first-time drunk tonight. The universe will give you good karma within the next 24 hours, I look forward to reading what that is.

  2. Google seems to like to index blogs for sexual words and phrases. I can understand why I get hits from “why can’t guys wear dresses?” but not “christina aguilera blurred and naked.” Oh well, makes reading my referrals a hoot.

  3. Adam807 says:

    So of course I had to run out and do a Google search for “my first orgy.” I have to wonder what this guy was looking for. I didn’t have the strength to scan through all 200 results, but I did find my new favorite URL:

    You’re on page 2. The 2nd most amusing result was this article from The Onion. Makes you really appreciate your unattractive orgy hosts now, doesn’t it?


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