December 31, 2002

[Milksop still here, but barely.]

The downside of all this intensity, of course, is I end up feeling not unlike Jennifer Connelly in Requiem For a Dream. Which means I should take home the Oscar next year.

The upside is I seem to have lost almost five pounds.

Why is it anything seems justified if it results in weight loss?

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5 Responses to [Milksop still here, but barely.]

  1. Paige says:

    Hey! You could do an exercise tape! “The Orgy Plan.” You’d make millions.

  2. strether says:

    Consider yourself lucky: losing 5 pounds. In my dreams! No downside to that! So happy new year and keep writing

  3. michelle says:

    milksop – any thoughts of a blog of your own once faustus returns?

  4. marquito says:


    Happy New Year.

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