December 29, 2002

[Milksop here, still subbing for Faustus.]

All I have to say is that I had the wildest night of my ENTIRE LIFE last night. I also think it is dangerous to write about it right now. So consider this the world’s shortest blog entry, which is really a preface to tomorrow, the world’s longest blog entry.

Must sleep now. Tune in tomorrow.

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3 Responses to [Milksop here, still subbing for

  1. JW says:

    Let me guess: You decided it wasn’t enough to take over Faustus’s blog, so you went to an orgy in his stead last night, where you ended up being accosted by a deformed midget who tried [unsuccessfully] to distract you from the hot Australian lifeguard who was making your eyes roll back in your head. Later, you became the beau of the ball by balancing trays of appetizers on the soles of your feet during a rather athletic gang-bang. However, the wild evening became even wilder when the rebuffed, deformed midget followed you home and tried to ravage you in front of your apartment building, before you were rescued by two sexy police officers who ended up returning in the wee hours of the morning to ravish you. Of course, that would likely still not approach the most wild evenings of Faustus . . . .

  2. Jane says:

    Where’s this wild night?!? I’m dying to read about it!!!

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