December 16, 2002

I went to my first cheerleading practice tonight. They taught the new squad members some basic stunts, and since the ratio of bases to flyers was off, I learned the flyer parts.

And I was really good at it.

One of the assistant captains even said so.

I don’t want to jinx anything, but my “mid base flyer” status may not last for too long.

If I could go to cheerleading practice every day I would never be depressed again.

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5 Responses to I went to my first

  1. beerconsumer says:

    Be careful, my younger sister is a flyer on a cheerleading squad at her high school and recently they dropped her and she broke her arm.

  2. Jane says:

    I second that. I was a flyer in high school and was also dropped, which ended up landing me on the operating table with a broken ligament in my knee. Be careful.

  3. Hmmm and then there are all those stories about flyers that get dropped or get caught and bang their head on the concrete and die…but not that we want to discourage you or anything…

  4. teeny says:

    And then there are the flyers that believe in themselves so much that they actually gain the gift of flight! They go flying above the clouds! I can see happiness from here!

  5. Peter says:

    And then there are the fliers who are super-hot and get to go steady with the captain of the football team! Woo!


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