December 7, 2002

I am sick. I have an upset stomach and an achy body and a fever. I want a cute boyfriend who will bring me soup and stroke my hair and tuck me in and make me feel all better.

I also want to inherit 100 billion jillion dollars from a long lost relative and to win the Nobel Peace Prize. At the moment these goals seem more realistic than the first.

Maudlin whining brought to you by TheraFlu.

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2 Responses to I am sick. I have

  1. PatCH says:

    Being sick is no fun. It seems that I’m only now getting over the winter blahs/flu/sickness of the past few months. Antibiotics are miraculous.

    Get better fast! (As opposed to getting better slowly, it really is preferable)…

  2. angelo says:

    I see that the grief of our separation has manifested itself in physical ailments.

    Reason # 2 for why our severance across a continent is as unlawful as a tube top on a big girl.

    (Reason # 1 being that I’d look great in a male nurse’s uniform as I hovered over you with thermometer in hand).


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