November 3, 2002

Tonight, I was scheduled to sing in a concert of the songs of my friend Y.E. When I showed up for the sound check and took my glasses off in preparation for putting my contacts in, I realized that I had brought two right-eye lenses. My left eye takes a much stronger prescription than my right eye, so I spent the entire concert in a bizarre state of half-blurry half-clear vision. Luckily I knew all the music very well, so reading it wasn’t an issue.

But it made me think: when I meet a new person I want to fall in love with, maybe I should wear two right-eye lenses. That way I’ll be able to see clearly enough to interact like a normal human being, but he will appear blurry enough to seem handsome, whether he is or not. Then I can get to know him as a person instead of deciding instantaneously that he’s not physically attractive enough.

On second thought, however, this would require that I get to know him as a person, which is, if experience is any guide, a big mistake.

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2 Responses to Tonight, I was scheduled to

  1. D.R. says:

    Ah, Ziggy. Will you never win?


  2. Adam807 says:

    Dare I ask why you didn’t just wear your glasses?


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