November 13, 2002

I just saw the following personal ad in The Village Voice:

GWM seeks same for days full of intellect
and nights full of passion. Be brilliant and
delightfully wicked.

Then, in tiny letters at the bottom, it said:

Also, must be born November 12, 1957.

So close, and yet so far.

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6 Responses to I just saw the following

  1. PatCH says:

    Too bad you’re not sane, Faustus, or you’d make a perfect match. So close, as you said, and yet so far…


  2. john says:

    Sounds exhausting….

  3. Jeff says:

    Sanity is so overrated.

  4. Wow…that’s just a little TOO specific…someone needs to consult a new astrologer!

  5. Choire says:

    that’s so genius.

  6. edie says:

    Maybe this is simply a failed attempt to communicate his own “delightfully wicked” sense of humor?? Novemmber 12th is my birthday. weird. Though thirteen years later. But it probably wouldn’t work anyway, seeing as I am a chick and all.


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