October 13, 2002

Yes, that was my dog who blogged yesterday. I, Faustus’s guest blogger, was in Baltimore putting together Ikea furniture for my best friend, who required a homosexual’s decorating touch. Faustus may be darting from Jewish ghetto to concentration camp in Eastern Europe, but I now have enough hex tools to festoon a chandelier. Who has the better deal?

I am not sure I should let Goblin stand in for me again. She might get on her high horse, and a Boston terrier on a high horse, while a sight to behold, is a terrible thing indeed.

Does anyone need any advice? We are good at that.

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2 Responses to Yes, that was my dog

  1. PatCH says:

    Is a hex tool something that witches use?

  2. adam807 says:

    Faustus doesn’t like Ikea, a fact which has very nearly split our friendship in twain many times.

    David, you clearly have superior taste in both furniture, and dog-dressing (ie, that they shouldn’t be). Please stay here forever.


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