October 10, 2002

My immediate supervisor at my day job has been out of town this past week, so her duties were distributed among the support staff in her absence. A co-worker and I got the job of assigning tasks as they came in (it’s a little more complicated than this but it would be so mind-numbingly dull to describe that reading it would probably cause you to become narcoleptic).

Ordinarily I don’t care about my day job at all. I waltz in late, leave early, do just enough work to appear competent, and spend as much time as possible eating and gossiping with the other support staffers.

The taste of power changed everything.

I became angry when I thought co-workers weren’t working hard enough. I stayed two hours late yesterday to make sure everything got done. Someone called in sick today and I was certain she was lying.

Thank God my supervisor gets back tomorrow, because I am beginning to love this way too much.

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  1. Jeff says:

    It *is* true: all power corrupts.


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