October 31, 2002

In a disastrous attempt to complete my Hallowe’en costume (I intended to go as Buffy), I dyed my hair blond.

It is now bright orange.

Would that it were possible to decapitate oneself.

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12 Responses to In a disastrous attempt to

  1. Michael says:

    It is. Inadvisable but possible.

  2. sarrah says:

    You need more bleach with better lightening power followed by toner! toner is so important!… kill me that i know this… i’m not even blond

  3. Oh come on…I *have* to see this one!

  4. adam807 says:

    Yeah, try bleaching again, with something that promises a very pale, not too brassy color. Considering you’re [hair color suppressed], you really should have seen this one coming.

    Maybe you can go as Ronald McDonald?

  5. Princess says:

    Yeah. More bleach. ^.^ Poor guy.

    And drag? Congrats. You’d fit right into my little group.

  6. marquito says:

    More bleach might make all your hair fall out. Get a blonde wig (Ricky’s) and see a professional about your hair color immediately. Good luck.

  7. gary says:

    go as a pumpkin!!

  8. Dino says:

    sylvia plath never looked this good. i love you!

  9. Choire says:

    Toner is important, she’s right.

    That shade is often referred to (in my ‘hood) as “Puerto Rican blonde,” but not by me, because it sounds racist and crude, and I’m neither.

  10. Jeff says:

    As with all matters of style, seek professional help. This I know from experience, sadly.

    A picture of you as the Slayer would be delightful to see, by the way (and I will try to refrain from making any jokes about Mister Pointy).

  11. ed k. says:

    I wonder if “Puerto Rican Blonde” is anything like “a Fanta dye job”? (So named after the Orange Fanta soft drink.) As a latino from south Texas, we used to see these quite a bit growing up. My mom swore never to go there. And, smart woman that she was, she never did.

  12. Rev. Phil says:

    Bright orange is wonderful — you can now go as Lucille Ball. I can lend you the “Mame” soundtrack if you wish to make it a truly scary Halloween.


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