October 19, 2002

I was dismayed to find that American gaydar doesn’t work in Europe. At least mine doesn’t. About every third man I passed (starting with the very cute hotel clerk who checked us in) set off my gaydar, which makes no statistical sense. I realized I had no idea if these men were gay or just Czech.

I think that, for the benefit of Americans on the prowl, gay Europeans should have to do something to identify themselves. Like wear armbands with pink triangles on them or something.

Oh, wait.


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3 Responses to I was dismayed to find

  1. etienne esteban says:

    It’s the ol’ gay or European quandary. A good rule of thumb is to check (czech?) out their footwear. Dark socks with sandals? Definitely European, probably not gay. Everyone else is gay.

  2. Alexis says:

    Well, I can’t even tell if someone is gay or not in the ‘States.

  3. Drew says:

    Lovin your blog!


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