October 30, 2002

I have a new crush. He is so cute I can hardly stand it.

The problem is that I can’t blog about him effectively, because there’s a small chance he might read my blog. I gave him the URL a few weeks ago and, though he has given me no indication that he’s actually read it, he could be either a) reading it and not telling me about it or b) waiting to read it until he gets a chance to enjoy it, so I can’t write anything that will uniquely identify him, or he might read it and know it’s him, or this other person who happens to work with him in a professional capacity might read it and know it’s him, though I don’t know if that person is reading it either, but if he is then that would be an unacceptable invasion of my crush’s privacy, and furthermore since I have no way to know whether my crush is actually reading it or not (because of course I can’t do something as sensible as asking him), I would be constantly tortured by uncertainty about whether he’d read what I wrote about him or not and realized what a NEUROTIC FREAK I am.

Don’t you wish you were me? Then you could be this healthy all the time.

He is so cute I can hardly stand it.

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5 Responses to I have a new crush.

  1. You have to be very careful about who you tell about your blog, my friend. I know your pain right now. I told my roommate about my blog, and I have a slight crush on a friend of hers, but I don’t feel comfortable blogging about it, because I don’t want him, or even her, really, to know. Sad, very sad. I am thinking of starting a new blog, and telling only select people about it.

  2. Princess says:

    True. That is a major problem with having a blog. I can’t believe I actually gave my mom’s exboyfriend my site url, seeing as how half of the stories i have are pr0n.

    Anyways, you probably shouldn’t have even blogged this if you’re that afraid, since if he’s smart, he’d probably put two and two together.

    good luck.

  3. Anonymous says:

    he’s so no afraid…he’s just melodrama incarnated

  4. Gabriel Alonzo says:

    ok, so I have a prob. simler 2 urs. this guy stole a note 4rm my bff and let my bf read it. i had written it to my bff b4 me and my bf were going out. it had said things like how i thought he was kida ugly compared to this other guy. and there were things like how i had this one girl write my bf a note (b4 we were going out) 2 tell him i liked him. and i told my bf that that note wasn’t 4rm me. well, it was and it is so obvious it was. so im caught up in my own lie. so dont lie to the dude if u like him and he asks u. cause it ruins EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. anapestic says:

    I believe that you will find your crushes easier to manage if you limit them to people whom you’ve never met. For example, I could not sleep last night, and I happened upon ESPN, and I now have a crush on most of the UCLA men’s volleyball team.


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