September 29, 2002

Yesterday I passed a sign in the west village that advertised “Tator Cards and Plam Reading.”

I wish I had a plam, so that I could get it read. Maybe then I would find out the answers to all my questions and the solutions to all my problems.

Of course, if I had a plam, maybe I wouldn’t have any questions or problems in the first place.

If anybody knows where I can get a good plam for not too much money, please let me know.

Used is fine.

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4 Responses to Yesterday I passed a sign

  1. D.R. says:

    I am disappointed that they were not “tater” cards, as the mind boggles around those possibilities. I would say that tater cards would be a much surer bet than anything having to do with plams, which are notoriously unreliable and not nearly as tasty.

  2. gary says:

    Plams are sold at the same place where they sell tator cards.

  3. Plams, for the record, were the devices used in The X Files to stab the alien creatures at the base of their neck because that was the only way to kill them. It was like a switchblade except for the fact that the plam was encased in a tube and you pressed a button to make the dagger part pop out so you can kill, kill, kill

  4. Jeff says:

    It’s nice to know that Dan Quayle has found gainful employment lettering signs in New York City.


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