July 16, 2002

There is no way I could ever be a lesbian. Apparently the lesbian rules forbid having a scale in your house. I have not been able to check my weight—much less my body fat—obsessively since Thursday morning.

What good is an emotionally self-destructive habit if it doesn’t travel well?

It’s enough to drive one to drink.

Or to string cheese.

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5 Responses to There is no way I

  1. wKen says:

    I think that must be an East Coast lesbian thing, cause it doesn’t apply in California.

  2. marquito says:


    I think the scale thing works both ways and applies to some gay and lesbian men and not others, depending on their dependence on the acceptance of others and “ideal” body image.

  3. RM says:

    Yes, but the lesbian rules do not forbid using the scale at the gym. Obsessively. Its just we lesbians recognize there is an unbreachable boundary between home and body image. 🙂

  4. Hysterical and brilliant, I love your blog, but too bad you’re in Manhattan, cuz I would lick you like a lollipop until I got the sweet chewy center!!! How many licks does it take?

    anyway, check out my site sometime, if you get a chance,

  5. S.Simon says:

    Great Job its really intresting to read ’bout that stuff and im very thankful for that.


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