July 2, 2002

I have decided to get a tattoo. I have long been considering it, but what tipped the balance is that T.H. has a really sexy tattoo (of an Aquarius sign) on his pelvis just above his crotch.

The trick, so to speak, is to come up with the right tattoo. I suppose I could get a Capricorn sign, but that looks too much like the delete mark in proofreading for comfort. What if somebody who was fooling around down there thought I wanted to delete him? Or thought I had deleted somebody else?

My friend B.N. suggested just “This Way” with an arrow pointing down, or perhaps “Objects in crotch are larger than they appear.”

Really, though, I like T.H.’s suggestion, which was “Deliveries in rear.”

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  1. My next tattoo will either be an ouroborous (a snake with it’s tail in it’s mouth) wrapped around my ankle or a nice chinese symbol tattoo on either my ass or my hip….

  2. sam says:

    and you’re a capricorn? danger will robinson…

  3. Reply
  4. oops posted too soon…that’s my Capricorn portion of my BlogGear store…


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