April 16, 2002

So last Friday I went on a date with a guy named W.F. At least I think it was a date. It didn’t end in sex, and in my hyper-sexualized state of existence, that threw me into a morass of uncertainty.

We had lunch at Raffaela’s and then we got dessert. He got up to look at the dessert display and came back and said, “I know what I want. It’s this hexagonal tart that’s part raspberry mousse and part chocolate.” So he ordered that, and it came, and it was a regular, triangular piece of dessert. This was my immediate thought: “That’s not hexagonal. I can never love you. You don’t even know basic shapes.” Then a second thought occurred to me and, pretending that I had to go to the bathroom, I got up and snuck over to the dessert case. Indeed, his dessert was only a slice of an originally hexagonal dessert. So I realized I could love him after all.

Of course, it wasn’t a tart, but I can forgive that.

Except—wait—it is just occurring to me that maybe he said not “tart” but “torte,” which is what it actually was—in which case he is perfect and I love him.

Now I have to figure out if this was actually a date or not.

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3 Responses to So last Friday I went

  1. this girl says:

    “You don’t even know basic shapes.” LOL. you are a riot. can i be your therapist?

  2. Soph says:

    I found “That’s not hexagonal. I can never love you. You don’t even know basic shapes.” so incredibly hilarious that it has earned a spot in the quotes section of my site. It is written inblue garamond lightcondensed.

    If being quoted is somehow troubling you or sending you into a spirallling depression feel free to email me and it will be gone in seconds.

  3. jenny says:

    you are hilarious and lovely but i think hexagons are overrated x


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