March 2, 2002

Last night I was at E.S.’s apartment and we were making out and all I wanted was to get the sex over with so that we could eat the cookie dough I’d brought.

I worry that my priorities are misplaced.

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  1. aimee says:

    lol, i know that feeling oh so well… i know this post was ages ago but i have only just come across your blog and now im back tracking as i am being drawn into your world! this post was without comment and it made me smile so i decided so say hi here.

    your life is so interesting! it just doesnt seem real. oh, and i love your name, *Faustus*, is that your real name? not that it really matters, its still a cool name.

    the best bits that i have fallen in love with from your blog are the conversations you post between you and E.S. i cant explain why but your writing really minds me of kafka, but not so depressive, and i mean that as the greatest compliment. so yeah, i have labelled you: Faustus, the happy kafka!

    anyways, this is getting a bit *too* long for just a comment, and i have loads more still to read… i started with current, then went to oldest, and now im currently lost somewhere in the middle… will probably say hi again when i find my way out of this maze of entries you have trapped me in. 😀

    aimee, x

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