February 10, 2002

It is four days before Valentine’s Day. I have created this blog at the behest of my friend B.N. In the last month I have gone on dates with nine different men. They have all been either cute and smart but not funny, cute and funny but not smart, or funny and smart but not cute. Or cute and smart and funny but not attracted to me. Those are the ones I hate the most. My unfavorite quote from an e-mail: “i should admit that my attraction to you is purely platonic, but that needn’t hinder us from pursuing a friendship, if that is not outside your agenda.” Outside my agenda, indeed. I hate you and will laugh and laugh when you arrive in the special circle of hell reserved for people who don’t capitalize the first-person singular pronoun. Ha, ha, ha. That’s me laughing.

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3 Responses to It is four days before

  1. meri says:

    i take personal offense to this as i do not usually capitalize the first person singular pronoun unless it is strictly called for, as in paper writing, published articles, etc etc. i’m not a fan of the shift key. 😉

  2. m.c says:

    neither do i. nonetheless i think you’re awesome. yes i do, yes i do! and not just because you justify your columns!

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